Sensual Sloes

sensual sloes

Sensual Sloes,

Juicy and black

Like crows.

Lucid in

Tangled ancient


I have been watching these delicious sloes ripen as I walk past with my dogs every day. Soon I’ll be harvesting them and steeping them in gin. It has been a lovely summer for fruits and nuts.


Cee’s fun foto challenge: the colour green-autumnal green medley

Grapproaching thunderstorm

This photo challenge gave me the opportunity to focus on a photographic autumnal medley of shots taken on my recent walks as summer faded and the moist musty mornings came in abundance, with jewelled spider webs and bright fruits dangling with illuminated raindrops.

I hope you enjoy my medley. Spot a little friend working hard on a ‘summery’ day.


colour green medley

Blackberry burst


This photo was taken during a walk along the Grand Union canal at Winkwell, a wonderful name for a village!  I loved the rich, ripe colours of the berries in this sunny spot.

Blackberries burst
From every hedgerow,
Thrusting juicy jewels,
Ripening purple pearls.
Stolen stains on
Satiated lips.