Rowan Tales

scarlet rowan berries

Scarlet  Rowan berries,


In jewelled rich jellies.

Spread on beetroot  coloured bread,

Melting bellies of revellers

On moonlit wherries.

garnet jangling lanterns

Garnet jangling lanterns

Banish dune like phantoms.

Soothing tunes calm the

Sailor’s moods;

Fizzing Rowan balm

Made with water

From a sacred tarn,

Sealing sizzling, salty lips

Whilst a tattered packet

Scatters runes Iiilluminated

By a misty moon:

Promising good fortune.

misty moon 2

Yarns about far away isles

Keep them merry for

Miles and miles as the wherry

And the berry eyed whales

Surf high, thirsty

Bubbling waves:

Safe soon on soil


Furry Friday


Furry Friday

Over the festive period, in between periods of very heavy rain, we tried to find places to walk which weren’t flooded or too boggy to pass even in the wellies! One day I had a craving to go to the coast so we went to Southwold in Suffolk, a jolly traditional seaside town. We had great fun playing with the dogs on the beach followed by freshly brewed coffee at the harbour and a purchase of fish, fresh from the boats. Another day we walked along the canal-side at Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire where I came across a cat on a ‘hot tin roof’ of a narrow-boat, enjoying the warmth from the rare moment of sunshine. The third photo of the beautiful lone horse who enjoyed some attention, was taken near a walk along a disused railway at Ayot green, a tiny picturesque village in Hertfordshire. I hope you enjoy looking at my furry friends!

Magical evening


As evening weaves
Her magic,
Soft, rippling
Lulls signets and chicks
Into a web of
Nurturing dreams.

As serenity captures
The sun’s cooling rays,
Evening sighs
And closes
Her eyes.

Wilderness Trail


Footsteps trailing
Following the
Woven water’s edge,
Like a hessian canvas.

Startled mallards
Fly in matrices.
The whistling winds
Ward off timid tits
Huddling amidst
Eiderdown blossoms.
Swifts screech,
Sweeping as
Wild waves make
Signets weep.

A-Z Writing challenge, letter ‘T’ Treasure


Roundness, smooth,
Silkiest natural palest
Pebble, greys, browns.

Treasure their free
Affectionate playful natures,
Deep, soulful, sky blue
Eyes, knowing.

Treasure moodiness,
Turbulent swell,
Spitting waves,
Sudden dry saltiness
In the air.
By shimmering,
Laboradite waters.

To treasure
And be treasured is
A calm knowingness.

A-Z Writing challenge, letter ‘R’ Rambling in nature’s radiance


Feeling free like red,
Blue and violet scarves
Swirling in saline breeze
Memories of Tibetan
Prayer flags.
Glinting earth jewels
Entrancing, pebbles
With faces like seals.
Radiant solar warmth shines
On gently crashing waves,
Voices of the sea singing
Nature’s forever
Healing grace.
Shyly, waves recede,
Frothing like a delicate
Lace mantle.

After the storm


A mingle of footprints trail
Away from dissipating
Stormy weather,
Churning, spitting waves
Calmly flow into frothy,
Lacy edged, salty waves;
Spicy jewels, gleaming sea glass,
Glinting quartz and
Tiny scallop shells peep
Up from soft, warm wetness.