Majestic Heron


Majestically,  a heron
Poises like an alabaster statuette.
When a ripple in the water
Takes his fancy,
The handsome heron
Dips quickly into the
Silent, sunlit pool.
Flipping his catch
Proudly, he moves from his patch
In a dash,
With a glinting flicker
Of feathers,
Singing in
The wind.


A-Z writing challenge letter N for Natural Norfolk


Lowland broads,
Waves of reaching reeds
Swaying, singing
Melodies of reed
Cutters dreams.
Creeping purr of
Broadland cruiser
Breaking reed
Warblers’ songs
As geese scatter to
The wind.
Cirrus clouds cruise
Cerulean skies
Like galleons in full sail.