Love hedgehogs

The light wasn’t great when I photographed the early stages of my watercolour painting of a hedgehog. I will build many transparent colour layers to create this little hog. I’ll aim to capture an essence of his character. I’m waiting for the paint to dry before I carry on.

I’ll update you soon with how my little hog painting is coming on!

It is a joy to be making puddles of colour again, adding water and letting my brush drop colour onto the paper.

Whilst I’m waiting, I’ll make a hot chocolate or chamomile tea to warm my hands.

Have a lovely evening.

I couldn’t resist taking this shot from the courtyard, such a colourful sky!


A-Z Writing challenge, letter ‘S’ Sea shell sketches



Sea shell homesteads,
Intimate, cosy.
Free spirits in
Underworld oceans,
Hiding from predators.
Venturing out
On sunny, safe days.
Flamboyantly displaying
Beautiful, palest Apricot,
Ochre and Cream