Fun photo challenge: White


A solitary swan,

Gracefully glides,

Riding gleaming ripples,

Peacefully preening.

Siding with me,

Confiding about dreams

_69Black and white or colour? It was a quiet, sunny and warm day. I heard the swan’s feathers gentle moving in the breeze before I saw the beautiful ‘Queen of the water’, watching inquisitively and nearing the water’s edge. In the colour photograph, I feel the warmth of the day and enjoy the natural, special moment with the swan, gleaming in all its glory!   However the black and white brings out the serenity of the moment and fits Cee’s fun challenge theme of ‘white’.


Found in nature


Found in nature

This photo was inspired by Cee’s black and white photo challenge, found in nature. I discovered these teasels whilst walking my dogs near an old sand pit, reclamed by nature, I feel that these spiky seed heads add structure to the landscape. Originally I shot colour and then used Snapseed to change my picture to black and white. I hope you enjoy it.”

Splash of yellow

Yellow Iris

Splashes of sunny


Brushing lush rushes

Beside the water.

I’m responding here to a photo challenge to photograph the colour yellow.  I love yellow, it is a wonderful vibrant, happy colour.

Ese’s weekly shoot and quote challenge:Silence


Waters’ gleam
Charcoal silhouettes dream;
Mellow scene;
Tangerine ripples,
Heavenly sparkles.

Shadows darken,
Silence harkens
A winter lullaby.

Swans glide
Like ghostly galleons;
Coots roost,
Owls hoot;
Nature’s curtain falls,
Memories are caught
In the dream
Catcher’s web.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated Autumnal Reflections


An unseasonally
Satiating warm spell,
Enhances saturated
Rusting hues like

This week’s challenge is to show saturation in a photograph. I couldn’t resist taking this one, I hope you enjoy it and my little poem!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Magical evening


As evening weaves
Her magic,
Soft, rippling
Lulls signets and chicks
Into a web of
Nurturing dreams.

As serenity captures
The sun’s cooling rays,
Evening sighs
And closes
Her eyes.

Wilderness Trail


Footsteps trailing
Following the
Woven water’s edge,
Like a hessian canvas.

Startled mallards
Fly in matrices.
The whistling winds
Ward off timid tits
Huddling amidst
Eiderdown blossoms.
Swifts screech,
Sweeping as
Wild waves make
Signets weep.

Chameleon visions


Visions of the lake,
Forever changing,
A Chameleon,
Cerulean blue,
Burnt umber
With sparkling eyes.

Menacingly shifting,
Willows shiver,
West winds cry.

Moody shapeshifting,
Undercurrents stir,
Spinning and billowing
Like skirts trapped
In tangled weeds.

In shallow beds,
Shingle smashes
Against twisted

Herons skim
Across mesmerising waves.

A-Z writing challenge ‘Z’ Zephyr


When zephyrs float by
Like fine cotton blouses,
it’s going to be a good day!
Gentle breezes massaging
The face, ruffling hair.

Zephyrs magically scribble
Spirited messages.
Aeromancy: fanciful
Horses can  bring power,
Seraphins, protection
From sentinels.
Zephyrs blow
Away nightmares
Bringing calm
And happiness.

A-Z writing challenge, ‘U’ Undulating experience


Quiet backwater,
Undulates, waiting
For enchanted admirers
Who seek tranquillity.

As dreams unfold,
Nature’s story is told,
Larks chorus,
Wood pigeon’s purr,
Swans drifting
Waiting for waters to stir.
Red Admirals flirt
With nectar rich flaura,
Honey bees
Seek wild Primula.