Share your world: musings

blow away the cobwebs2

What is your favourite time of day?
I love to walk through the meadow on a bright early morning because I feel it is such a special and magical time to experience nature. The delicate intoxication of wild honeysuckle rambling through a hedgerow, a skylark diving or the delicate autumnal jewels dangling on hogweed cobwebs enrich my world.
Sunsets are special too. As the rippling silken sky succumbs to darkness my musings begin.


How do you spend a rainy day?
Rainy days still have their fascination. Out come the wellies and waterproofs and off we go to watch the inky clouds rumble, clash and spit spreading like the inkblot I love to analyse and use as a prompt to a poem or a character in a story. Later after hot tea and toast I seek solace in an old secondhand paperback.
When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pen or pencil?
I like to use a good roller ball pen or drawing pen because the writing flows effortlessly.
Bonus question. What are you grateful for from last week and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I am eternally grateful for my dog walker who has walked my dogs when my back was very sore. This week I am looking forward to feeling better and enjoying this extraordinary mild sunny autumn.”

Frolicking Friend


lolling friend_1

frolicking friendFrolicking friend,
In solitary meadow,
Treading tip toe,
Ready to go.
Swallows soar
Over an imaginary
Tilting trim tails,
Sailing through
Golden rays;
Lilting limericks.
Hail! Hail!
Summer days!

Golden glaze

golden glaze


Frozen paws

Tread gingerly in the furrows.

Rabbits huddle in their burrows.

Golden glaze,

Clairvoyance gaze,

Ethereal haze.

Fairies skating,

Sunbeam drenching;









We loved our walk across the frozen field, I hope you enjoy walking with me.

Weekly Photo Challenge: habit- habitual walk


A habitual walk,
Time to think or talk;
Every day,
Sunny or grey;
Pull on boots,
Choose a route.
Lake or lane,
Disused railway line,
Hill or vale.
Serendipitous shot!
Notebook scribbling,
Sibling collies’ wriggling
Husband giggling.
Always fun,
Time for a bun.
Where’s the sun?

Weekly photo challenge: habit

Irresistible rosehips


Irresistible rosehips,
Rambling rubies
Dandily dangling;
Draped amongst
Hedgerow brambles.
Oozing goodness,
Rich luscious syrup.
Frosty mornings,
When leaves
Have finally

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated Autumnal Reflections


An unseasonally
Satiating warm spell,
Enhances saturated
Rusting hues like

This week’s challenge is to show saturation in a photograph. I couldn’t resist taking this one, I hope you enjoy it and my little poem!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Forest glade


Rambling through
A forest glade,
Footsteps fade
Cushioned by
Plush mossy
Flaked crispness:
Baked, blistered
Leaves fall
On a mournful
Hawks soar;
Glistening haws.
Scampering claws
Spiraling trunks
For tasty nuts.

Notes of claret,
Crushing blushing
Musty moulds
On toes,
Dogs noses
In holes;
Time to
Be traipsing

Flamenco fire


Confident fiery,
Flamenco,  flamenco.

Waves of velvety pollen,
Blooming, petticoats.

Cascading carnelian curls,
Flashes of cadmium orange
Lips, laughingly,
Catching Cavaliers.

The carnival begins.

A-Z Writing challenge C

C Cheerful

Narcissi’s cheerful, tiny faces

Smile and quiver

Happily soaking up sun’s

Peeping rays.


A-Z writing challenge. A-B

A-Z is a writing challenge lasting for the month of April. Everyday a new poem and photo will be created. Enjoy! It’s my first time, so we’ll see how it goes.


‘A’ Artful, floating abode,

Abundant with natural gaiety,

Nestles quietly

Proudly in idyllic Rural seclusion.

Intimate breeze. image

  ‘B’ Blossom

Cherry blossom’s

Sweet, delicate perfume

Lulling and entrancing,

Encourages smiles,

Softening eyes,

Pale innocence

Dancing in spring’s

Intimate breeze.