Sunshine colours

Spring bulbs flourish;

Sunshine colours lift our spirits;

Delicate drifts of croci emerge as The mist dissolves behind the trees,

Birch branches shimmer in the breeze.


Sunflowers swirling

Sunflowers swirling,

Warm faces wearing seaside hats;

Tower over faded filligree blooms;

A haven of stamens twirling,

Toasted cinnamon seedheads crackling

In marmalade sunshine.

Frolicking Friend


lolling friend_1

frolicking friendFrolicking friend,
In solitary meadow,
Treading tip toe,
Ready to go.
Swallows soar
Over an imaginary
Tilting trim tails,
Sailing through
Golden rays;
Lilting limericks.
Hail! Hail!
Summer days!

Zealous Yellow


Zealous Yellow

Zealous yellow petals
Stretching for the sun.
Smiling stylish faces,
Miles and miles
Of fun!

Golden frosty morning




Golden frosty morning


Golden frost,

Buttery crisp,

Ponies bathing

In a buttercup halo

As January

Sunshine soothes.


This view was such a magical delight to come across when I was walking my dogs near the heath.  I stopped to soak up the golden rays and the chill to my face, as I worked the camera at the same time holding on to the dogs! I hope you enjoy my post.


Floral Thursday: Flowers forever


Flowers forever,
Sun smiling,
Earth warming,
Beautiful flowers,
Elegantly emerging.
Naturally perfect,
Hues to woo,
Sensual synergy,
Serene and inspired!

Glorious fanfare


Languishing Morning Glory,
Glowing like
A pixie’s French horn,
In morning rays;
Playing a fanfare
To golden

Bright blazing stars


Bright blazing stars
Catching golden rays,
Stretching open
Delicate petals.
Sunshine yellow
Wonderous glow.

After the storm


A mingle of footprints trail
Away from dissipating
Stormy weather,
Churning, spitting waves
Calmly flow into frothy,
Lacy edged, salty waves;
Spicy jewels, gleaming sea glass,
Glinting quartz and
Tiny scallop shells peep
Up from soft, warm wetness.