A-Z writing chalenge, letter K for Kaleidoscope


Kaleidoscope aura colours
Metamorphic,  whirling
Around Redwood’s giant stronghold.
Healing resins ooze,
Vanilla, cinnamon, pine.
Orbs float like snowflakes
As Shamans move
Between worlds.

A-Z Writing challenge letter J Journeying


Journeying along
The river of time,
Expectation, resolve.
Under many bridges
With forgotten names,
Through locks where
Community spirit has
Inspired you.
Enjoy sensuality of nature.
Today, a three mile journey
Might take three hours, but
Each hour will be experienced
To the full.
Time is precious.
Your journey is precious.

A-Z writing challenge, letter H for Harmony. Harmony grove


Harmony grove,
Beeches shelter lush parkland
Every step along the walk
To new pastures.
Young love relaxing,
Enjoying the shade of
Great mother
And the knowledge
She imparts.

A-Z writing challenge. A-B

A-Z is a writing challenge lasting for the month of April. Everyday a new poem and photo will be created. Enjoy! It’s my first time, so we’ll see how it goes.


‘A’ Artful, floating abode,

Abundant with natural gaiety,

Nestles quietly

Proudly in idyllic Rural seclusion.

Intimate breeze. image

  ‘B’ Blossom

Cherry blossom’s

Sweet, delicate perfume

Lulling and entrancing,

Encourages smiles,

Softening eyes,

Pale innocence

Dancing in spring’s

Intimate breeze.



Awesome  Archangels
Protect  souls  of ages
Bring  light and restoration
To Elementals who dwell
Unseen in ancient vines.

Earth’s Awakening


Joy wakes,
Winter breaks,
Solitude moves
Her heavy shoes.

Nature’s Magic


Array of Witches besoms
Standing proud
Primed to sweep Winter’s grey snood.

Invigorating sunken seeds
And tangled roots,
Forcefully thrusting high
Beyond the dripping land.