Autumn, the adornment of the soul

Cardington church autumn

A walk around Cardington 1

The warm morning sun

Adorns my being

As I meander through

Tawny, Scarlet and

Mead coloured trees;

Their leaves patterned

And tattered,

Dancing in the breeze.

Walk through Cardington autumn2

Adornment Autumn

Today’s weather is so beautiful and shows off the colours of autumn perfectly. I could not resist taking these photos on a walk around the nearby village of Cardington,  which is very old, has very pretty cottages, an ancient church and gorgeous trees. I feel very uplifted and the dogs are satisfied and sleeping. I hope you enjoy reading  my post. 🙂


Remembering January

A winter patchwork warms our hearts

A winter patchwork warms our heart

January 26th 2013


As the nights draw in in December, I feel it is a time for reflection and so I have decided to look back over my first year of blogging with wordpress and post a selection of pictures and writing, quotes and poems.  It’s funny how these first walks in the countryside armed with at the time my phone camera and a small notepad, have come flooding back to me and reminded me of the peace and tranquillity of these special moments in the day when it was all mine to find the ‘essence’ and write from my heart.  I hope you enjoy anyway!




A Winter Patchwork


Winter sky,

Diamond sparkling,

Patchwork fields


Snugly snow,

Cattle gather


in furrows aglow.

Sign post to autum

Sign post to spring

January 24th 2013

Bright and Cheerful.


Nature’s signpost

Tells us to

Look deeper

At the warmth


And light

Shining within.


January 22nd 2013



On these icy days,

Thaw and remember

Those around us

who may need us.

Weekly writing challenge: a pinch of you


Spice of Life

Sweet, sultry
Bright, warm
Soul shining
Star anise;
Gentle, nurturing
Energetic, fun-loving
Twirl, sprinkle,
Enjoy enticing aromas,
Ready for your

This week’s writing challenge from the daily post, inspires us to write a recipe about ourselves, which ingredients makes the writer in us ‘cook’ our novels or poetry.  I hope you enjoy mine.

I’ve had a problem recently receiving comments in my spam box and also my wordpress friends tell me they sometimes find my comments in their spam box. I believe it’s happening to a few of us, which is a shame, so folks don’t forget to check your spam.

Stripes of summer colours


Stripes of summer,
Scintillating for
The soul.

Distant, dreamy
Unfurling eiderdown

Lie down
The Cerulean summer
And sigh!