Remembering January

A winter patchwork warms our hearts

A winter patchwork warms our heart

January 26th 2013


As the nights draw in in December, I feel it is a time for reflection and so I have decided to look back over my first year of blogging with wordpress and post a selection of pictures and writing, quotes and poems.  It’s funny how these first walks in the countryside armed with at the time my phone camera and a small notepad, have come flooding back to me and reminded me of the peace and tranquillity of these special moments in the day when it was all mine to find the ‘essence’ and write from my heart.  I hope you enjoy anyway!




A Winter Patchwork


Winter sky,

Diamond sparkling,

Patchwork fields


Snugly snow,

Cattle gather


in furrows aglow.

Sign post to autum

Sign post to spring

January 24th 2013

Bright and Cheerful.


Nature’s signpost

Tells us to

Look deeper

At the warmth


And light

Shining within.


January 22nd 2013



On these icy days,

Thaw and remember

Those around us

who may need us.


Solitary Beauty


Inquisitive solitary swan
Glides gracefully
Along chilly rippling
Waters edge.
Bull rushes guard her nest.

Spring’s Flight


Swooping, startled flock
Searching for sanctuary over  turbulent waters
Find serenity in sheltered woodlands.

Ancient messages


Dry, deep notches like ancient veins. Musty, crumbling messages bleeding, oozing earth’s essences. Wrap and weave around her giant paternal bows and swollen girth.

Enchanted Woodland


Bewitched woodland wilderness. Chiming icicles, crystals dazzle, streams ripple night falls.

Snow shelter


Cosy, musty, Home to many. A place to rest in dusty, webbed crevices; between bags of spuds and rusty trugs; like ‘bugs in rugs’ under patchwork eiderdown ‘Daily News’.

Wet Snow Falls


Trails of hoof prints melt, Dissolving memories. Wet snow falls, Admidst beautiful Whitewashed patchwork meadows



This morning’s wonderful,uplifting walk along the snowy lane, almost dream like. Perhaps these ducks and goose are from a fairytale reminding us to reflect on nurturing, family and the importance of community spirit. Hopefully on these cool, icy days we’ll ‘thaw’ and remember those around us who may need us.