Ese’s weekly shoot and quote challenge:Silence


Waters’ gleam
Charcoal silhouettes dream;
Mellow scene;
Tangerine ripples,
Heavenly sparkles.

Shadows darken,
Silence harkens
A winter lullaby.

Swans glide
Like ghostly galleons;
Coots roost,
Owls hoot;
Nature’s curtain falls,
Memories are caught
In the dream
Catcher’s web.

A-Z writing challenge, letter L for listening to silence


Listen to silence.
Listen to breeze
Swishing through reeds
Writing messages to nymphs who
Pass along the meandering river
To the sea.
Listen to kingfishers dive into
The river with precision,
Proudly emerging with their catch.
Listen to the rustling of cootes
Weaving in and out of the bullrushes.
Listen to the silent crackling of
Weeping willows draping
Wispy branches solemnly.
Listen.  Listen to silence.