Ese’s weekly shoot quote challenge:Memories


‘ Memories are the key not to the past
but the future.’
Corrie Ten Bown

Time to wander,
Pondering whilst
Sauntering on
Wet sand
Like a caramel
Fudge land.
Salty lips,
Chalky skin,
A deep,
Warm mineral
Breath in:
Letting go.
Waves fade
Negative thoughts
Wash away.
Sea lavender breeze,
Flotsam of old trees.
Memories like
Sea glass pebbles
And sea shell patterns
In the sand.

Ese’s challenge ‘memories’ gave me the idea to return to the memory of the walk with my husband and dogs on the Norfolk sands one carefree day when we were on holiday and had time to saunter and breathe in the minerals and taste the seaside. It was a precious memory, where we got lost in our own thoughts, reminisced and had fun with our dogs. The light was wonderful, so relaxing.
Ese’s weekly shoot and quote challenge: Memories


A-Z writing challenge, letter P, Planting for the future


Planting footsteps,
Pushing through the
Persistant breeze,
Upwards finally
Reaching a safe place
Where hunger is
Satisfied with
Future positive dreams.

A-Z writing challenge letter M Message in the sand


One wild, dangerous night,
Church bells, deep in the sea
Chimed furiously at midnight.
Flickering flame from a fisherman’s
Lantern suddenly snuffed out
As rolling waves
Roared to a crescendo.
Turbulent sea churned spitting out
Remnants of the night.
The message in the sand.