Rare Beauty


Rare beauty,
Radiantly proud;
Her swollen
Serenely shining,
Gently smiling;
Streaming through
Bedroom windows,
Night gazers
Stare, euphoric,
Drenched in
Lunar energy.
An innocent
On the angel’s face,
Reflects elation
On the maternal moon.
Rocketing high,
The angel reaches
Touching incandescent
Sparkling light.

My artwork, ‘Reiki angel’ was inspired by a reiki meditation, where I saw her standing in front of me, reaching for the moon. After a few nights of meditating by the light of the blue moon and just gazing, I felt I had to write a poem. I hope you enjoy it.

About the Blue Moon
An astrological Blue Moon is rare; it happens when the moon is full twice in a solar month, giving us two full moons in the same zodiac sign.  The second of those is the Blue Moon.  The next Blue moon will be in June 2016.
Sarah Varcus says ‘ This moon seeks to empower us to make positive changes in our lives’

This post is dedicated to Sue dreamwalker for her loving, kind, healing energy. Thank you Sue for helping me to feel better.Sue’s wonderful, inspirational blog

Sarah Varcus


Simply seeds


Simple seeds,
Adorning banks
And fields,
Guiding us
Along our path
Like celestial
Balls of
To infinity.
These stellar
Fertility angels
In a new

A-Z Writing challenge C

C Cheerful

Narcissi’s cheerful, tiny faces

Smile and quiver

Happily soaking up sun’s

Peeping rays.




Awesome  Archangels
Protect  souls  of ages
Bring  light and restoration
To Elementals who dwell
Unseen in ancient vines.



Yesterday was the open day at the Nagarjuna Kampa Meditation Centre in Kelmarsh, Northants. My first impression was of sunny, helpful people all enjoying their spiritual path. When I asked for a Soya milk latte, the young man asked me with genuine concern ” What does cow’s milk do to you?” I explained about my intolerance and we swapped experiences whilst the queue of people waited patiently. This beautiful display of Buddhas were in the meditation room where I experienced a beautifully spoken guided meditation. Another lovely resident enthusiastically discussed with me the liking of buddhist art to mediaeval paintings. I will go back!http://www.meditation-nagarjuna.org



A cosy home of any kind Melts the heart, feeds the mind. A human need to mend sorrow, Make joy. Watching flamenco flames dance Love saves all