Weekly photo challenge: unexpected


I was told that this beautiful owl didn’t like having his picture taken. He was very grumpy with another photographer,  however unexpectedly,  the wise owl wasn’t put off when I asked him politely for permission to take his photo. Isn’t he mysterious and gorgeous!

NaBloPoMo:Weekly photo challenge: Eerie


dpchallenge eerie

Weekly photo challenge: Horizon


Welcoming weekend
Sunny faces
Seeping fading
Sleepy rays,
Catching the
Final glimpse
of gliding
The horizon
Like a
Butter sauce.

This poem and photo is my response to post a days photo challenge,’horizon’,  We thought the day was going to possibly be one of the final, sunny, warm days of the year: it was indeed and the whole world seemed to turn out to enjoy an afternoon stroll. The photo was taken by the river near Hertford, Hertfordshire.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated Autumnal Reflections


An unseasonally
Satiating warm spell,
Enhances saturated
Rusting hues like

This week’s challenge is to show saturation in a photograph. I couldn’t resist taking this one, I hope you enjoy it and my little poem!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Weekly photo challenge: Carefree


Free time on a sunny day
Washing your cares away;
Sharing stories with strangers,
Watching children play;
Salt & vinegar
Seaside charm;
Vibrant bickering bunting,
Screeching seagulls hunting;
Ice-cream tingling lips;
Queues for seal trips;
Kids squeak and squeal
As crabs writhe
And crawl: proudly
Presented in seaside buckets.
Hooray for the largest!

weekly photo challenge

Weekly photo challenge: One shot, two ways


So for  this challenge I chose a different subject matter, close to my husband’s heart as he comes from a long line of fishing people, with a passion and a great respect for the sea. The shot was taken in a tiny fishing village, far West on the Dumfries and Galloway coast. I was taken by the realism and atmosphere of this fine statue.
The fisherman is looking out to sea, deep in thought; I feel the change of angle of the shot has increased the tension in the photgraph. What do you think?

A fisherman’s thoughts

On a bleak Scottish day,
A chill crosses the lone
Fisherman’s gaze;
Mesmerized by spitting
Light on the blinking
He thinks back to
Days when nets
Swelled with writhing
A salty supper
For bairns
Rumbling tums,
Nursed on mothers’
swollen Laps.
As daylight fades,
He fears fisher folk
Amongst the heaving
Flotsam  beaten,
Driftwood tangled
With a sea filled welly
Spilling out against
Granite boulders.

weekly photo challenge: one shot, two ways

Weekly photo challenge: foreshadow-engine enigma


My interpretation of ‘foreshadow’. There is a hint of the outcome, however there are many other possibilities: let your imagination fire the engine.

Throbbing heart;
Breathing steam mantras;
Coke stoking,
Shovelling, scraping, poking;
Sweaty soot.
Fire whispers;
Flames entrance,
Drivers cogitate,
Watch. Wait.

Daily post weekly photo challenge – foreshadow

Weekly photo challenge: Masterpiece



Advancing storm,
Emitting an ecstatic
As incantations
Eerily echo.

Tumeric fields,
Wheat crazed
As wind wildly
Rips ears:
Tears fall
In furrows.

Columns of water
Fall like bars,
Between one
World and
The next.

Amber light
Like cat’s eyes
Like sailors’
Muscular arms,
Tugging ropes,
As battered ships
Surf the waves
On a spitting

This post is my response to the daily post’s weekly photo challenge, ‘masterpiece’. I feel that nature itself is a masterpiece and a storm is a masterpiece I can watch over and over again. Enjoy.


Daily challenge:now


This photo is my response to the daily post’s daily prompt ‘now’, to express my thoughts about the state of my year. Well it’s been a great year for me. I started blogging in January during one of the harshest winters on record. Somehow the bleakness and feeling freezing cold all the time inspired me to look closer at the natural world and record my responses in poetry and photos. Through the changing weather, the seasons, my writing, I think has matured and I’ve learnt so much about taking photos whilst walking the dogs often on leads, yes, they’ve been brilliant, they will even stand still if I tell them I need to take a photo. Throughout the year I have enjoyed meeting fellow bloggers and your inspiring comments. Thank you so much!  I’ve moved home recently and in the process of discovering walks in the surrounding countryside in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Bucks. A new camera is waiting to be used and hopefully you’ll enjoy the rest of the year with me and my moonramblings!


Weekly photo challenge: Fresh


Fresh faced

Fresh faced,
She emerges
From wild, lush
Damp from
Dewy glaze.
Bright and playful,
She eagerly

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge:Fresh