A-Z Writing challenge letter J Journeying


Journeying along
The river of time,
Expectation, resolve.
Under many bridges
With forgotten names,
Through locks where
Community spirit has
Inspired you.
Enjoy sensuality of nature.
Today, a three mile journey
Might take three hours, but
Each hour will be experienced
To the full.
Time is precious.
Your journey is precious.

A-Z writing challenge – letter I for Imaginary. Imaginary place


Walk through magical
Woody glades towards
Your imaginary place.
Under bare feet,
Carpets of wild herbs
Warm, soothe.
Fingers reach out
Touching fresh
Young leaves,
Caressing delicate silk.
Rest by ancient trees
Creaking reassuringly.
Your mind drifts
With bluebell
Miles away,
Across the wide
Sea of imagination.

A-Z letter E East Wind


East wind
Sharply whips through
Woodland’s weary veins,
Cool, crisp,
Freezing, fraying
Tendrils sweep
And fray.

A-Z Writing challenge C

C Cheerful

Narcissi’s cheerful, tiny faces

Smile and quiver

Happily soaking up sun’s

Peeping rays.


A-Z writing challenge. A-B

A-Z is a writing challenge lasting for the month of April. Everyday a new poem and photo will be created. Enjoy! It’s my first time, so we’ll see how it goes.


‘A’ Artful, floating abode,

Abundant with natural gaiety,

Nestles quietly

Proudly in idyllic Rural seclusion.

Intimate breeze. image

  ‘B’ Blossom

Cherry blossom’s

Sweet, delicate perfume

Lulling and entrancing,

Encourages smiles,

Softening eyes,

Pale innocence

Dancing in spring’s

Intimate breeze.

Nature’s Recorder

Quietly wandering
Listening as nature’s
Stories unfold.
Robin’s signpost
Sleepy wood violets

Shyly lifting
Their bonnets,
Whispering wisdom
From their souls

Nature Awakening


North East wind
Ripples waters,
Wakes sleepy voles.
Magical tales unfold
Unfurling leaves in
Early spring breeze
Saplings stretch their limbs
With glee.

Spring’s Flight


Swooping, startled flock
Searching for sanctuary over  turbulent waters
Find serenity in sheltered woodlands.

Fairy Staircase


Tiny delicate patter of feet,
Dance up and down the
Fairy staircase,
Stopping at imaginary doorways
To enter worlds of castles and
Crystal crested forests
in shades of grey and amethyst.
Onyx mists swirl, hiding sinister
Dark shadows.