A-Z writing challenge. A-B

A-Z is a writing challenge lasting for the month of April. Everyday a new poem and photo will be created. Enjoy! It’s my first time, so we’ll see how it goes.


‘A’ Artful, floating abode,

Abundant with natural gaiety,

Nestles quietly

Proudly in idyllic Rural seclusion.

Intimate breeze. image

  ‘B’ Blossom

Cherry blossom’s

Sweet, delicate perfume

Lulling and entrancing,

Encourages smiles,

Softening eyes,

Pale innocence

Dancing in spring’s

Intimate breeze.


Nature Awakening


North East wind
Ripples waters,
Wakes sleepy voles.
Magical tales unfold
Unfurling leaves in
Early spring breeze
Saplings stretch their limbs
With glee.

Enchanted Woodland


Bewitched woodland wilderness. Chiming icicles, crystals dazzle, streams ripple night falls.



Enchanted wood groans and moans, Whispers & weeps. Tormented, alone, lost Her voice echoing ‘lost, lost’ Crushing, trampling Damp resinous forest carpet, Dizzy, blinded by the diffusion Straining her thin neck Gnarled, twisted , contorted Regal branches of ancient cedar A dryad allures her to climb the boughs And knots. She remembers past lives: pharaohs, princes, fairy tale castles, Bloody battles, beautiful icecap mountains and sailing in an electric storm. She reaches the warm, tree house on top of the canopy Where there is nothing but peace.