A word a week photo challenge: recline-reclining cat.

reclining cat

I couldn’t resist this shot of the cat reclining on the balcony, enjoying the sunshine. We were walking our dogs along the Grand Union canal at Berkhamstead, a lovely English town full of interesting shops, architecture, history and a canal and railway going through it.

Thanks to Sue Llewellyn for inspiring me with her word a week photo challenge.


NaBloPoMo:Furry Friday: Furry Ramble


Sampling woodland’s
Mysterious planting.
A green woodpecker
Catches my eye,
Feasting on the forest floor,
Fleeting through an
Oak nook ‘door’.
The collies love to roam
Chasing off a forest gnome,
A robin red breast hops,
Flopping amongst the moss.
Squirrels scramble in the leaves
Time to amble home for tea.

Daily challenge:now


This photo is my response to the daily post’s daily prompt ‘now’, to express my thoughts about the state of my year. Well it’s been a great year for me. I started blogging in January during one of the harshest winters on record. Somehow the bleakness and feeling freezing cold all the time inspired me to look closer at the natural world and record my responses in poetry and photos. Through the changing weather, the seasons, my writing, I think has matured and I’ve learnt so much about taking photos whilst walking the dogs often on leads, yes, they’ve been brilliant, they will even stand still if I tell them I need to take a photo. Throughout the year I have enjoyed meeting fellow bloggers and your inspiring comments. Thank you so much!  I’ve moved home recently and in the process of discovering walks in the surrounding countryside in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Bucks. A new camera is waiting to be used and hopefully you’ll enjoy the rest of the year with me and my moonramblings!


Running Free


Running free
In fields of dreams,
Through delicate meadow
Curious cornflowers
And dallying daisies;
Butterflies,  zig zagging,
Tagging and
Surfing summer

Sharing their fun,
On tiptoes I run,
Through seas
Of seeds crackling;
Caressing chamomile;
Blinking bumblebees;
Hovering Damselflies,
An appreciative audience!

Time to leave
The dusty glowing
Shifting shades
Of summer:
The meadow’s

A-Z Writing challenge, letter ‘T’ Treasure


Roundness, smooth,
Silkiest natural palest
Pebble, greys, browns.

Treasure their free
Affectionate playful natures,
Deep, soulful, sky blue
Eyes, knowing.

Treasure moodiness,
Turbulent swell,
Spitting waves,
Sudden dry saltiness
In the air.
By shimmering,
Laboradite waters.

To treasure
And be treasured is
A calm knowingness.