Serendipitous yellow

serendipitous yellow trfoils

For miles

The meadows are frayed and


Like antique millinery and worn

Linen upholstered chairs.

Tearing through mournful layers


Yellow, playful


Trefoils romp

In the pasture,



As an Oxeye daisy

Lazily looks on.

This post was prompted by Cee’s ¬†fun foto challenge ‘yellow’. I hope you enjoy it. You can see more entries by clicking on the link below.

Symbiotic summer


Shades of green
Like shimmering silk
Butterflies flirt,
Dandelion clocks burst.
Honey bees thirst
For heaven’s blossom.
Hedgerows protect
Plump, ripening
Can you hear
The symbiosis of
Nature’s symphony?

A-Z Writing challenge ‘Y’ Yen

Even though spring is here,
Yen, tumultuously plays
With my solar plexus.
Floating through fields
Of delicate anemones and
Minute, cobalt blue, speedwell,
I am Yenning to brush past
Confident heads of wild Campions
And daisies,
Resting in the meadow,
Conversing with bees,
Picnicking in a waist
High, impressionist painter’s
Feeling content.


A-Z writing challenge, letter H for Harmony. Harmony grove


Harmony grove,
Beeches shelter lush parkland
Every step along the walk
To new pastures.
Young love relaxing,
Enjoying the shade of
Great mother
And the knowledge
She imparts.