A-Z writing chalenge, letter K for Kaleidoscope


Kaleidoscope aura colours
Metamorphic,  whirling
Around Redwood’s giant stronghold.
Healing resins ooze,
Vanilla, cinnamon, pine.
Orbs float like snowflakes
As Shamans move
Between worlds.

Stairway to a fairy mission


Fairies  are  called  by  the
Fairy  Queen  to   the  top 
Of  the  fairy  staircase.
Two  by  two  they  wait
For  the  Queen,  in  the  seat
Of  her kingdom  to  magically
Release  Fae  Orbs  of  rainbow
Spangled  light.

When  a  fairy sees her  reflection
In  the  Orb ,  she  smiles
And knows  her  next  mission.