Lazy Sunday: Printmaking-poppy


I had great pleasure in messing about with inks and a beautiful old printing press to produce ‘poppy’, inspired by the poppies in one of my photographs and poetry early this summer.¬† I remember a lovely sunny walk with the dogs through a meadow in one of Northamptonshire’s most rural, unspoilt landscapes where butterflies danced with each other and I felt lulled by the comfort of the bees buzzing around, busy at work. I hope you enjoy my monotype print.


Feast of Rhododendrons


Swards of vintage, pink chintz
Like grandiose gondolas,
Gliding along the venetian
Grand canal.
Precious purples,
Jewels of the Nile,
Proudly posing on
Feluccas reaching with
Swollen sails.
Crepe de chine greens
Scattered with eau
De nil seeds,
A grand tour
Of sensual scents
Of summertime,
A feast of magnificent


Lullaby Iris


Lullaby Iris
Lilting sweet tones,
Gently rocking.

Lullaby Iris,
Comforting, caressing,
A galleon gliding on
A serene
And misty sea,
Exploring eternity,
Gently rocking.

Lullaby Iris,
Sweetly scented pillows,
Palest, pearlescent blue,
Romancing, dreaming,
Gently rocking.

Lullaby Iris,
Fairies frolicking
To mesmerizing melodies
Played by the fledgling lutist,
Flying on filigree clouds,
Gently rocking.

Prelude to Clematis


Precious Clematis
Veiled vines
Like shot silk
Tiered skirts,
Swaying and
Swinging round
On the ballroom floor,
Kaleidoscopic chinks
Cascading from
Crystal chandeliers.


Enchanted Woodland


Bewitched woodland wilderness. Chiming icicles, crystals dazzle, streams ripple night falls.

Snow shelter


Cosy, musty, Home to many. A place to rest in dusty, webbed crevices; between bags of spuds and rusty trugs; like ‘bugs in rugs’ under patchwork eiderdown ‘Daily News’.

Wet Snow Falls


Trails of hoof prints melt, Dissolving memories. Wet snow falls, Admidst beautiful Whitewashed patchwork meadows


Snowdrops are like angels’ tears of joy
Appearing when our hearts are forlorn
Brooding over dense, gloomy skies.

Abundantly they sway their demure heads in
Sweet, gentle spring  breezes,
Chattering together on the banks of village lanes.

Spring brings hope and happiness to all of us.