Flower power

The garden is surprising me every day with new blooms. Time for recording their wonderful shapes and colours. Here are a couple of Watercolour sketches I did yesterday and today. The experience was very relaxing and my paint dried very quickly in the heat!

Both unfinished but hopefully capturing the essence of our colourful garden!


Delightful dahlia melody

Delightful dahlia melody,

Sunshine melting

Majestic petals.

Honey bee settles.

Angels’ breath

2015-06-21 23.02.41-1_1

We sat quietly last night upon a hill and watched the sun go down, reflecting on our fathers and watching daughters and sons walking with their fathers enjoying a rather special evening.  I heard many bells ringing and owls hooting as the sun melted into the soft blanket and then darkness fell.

Angels breath floats

On tangerine waves

Over turquoise seas

As serenity breathes.

Celebrating Midsummer 2015


Walking in a midsummer meadow with bare feet…


Having fun feeling the grass tickling our noses….

Summer Solstice 15Love summer…love nature…love life!

Everywhere we’ve been this summer for our walks have inspired me to celebrate nature with my camera. Many thanks to my beautiful border collies for their company and putting up with me spending time taking photos when they wanted to play ball. 🙂

Nature’s picnic


Ladies lace
Languishly spinning,
Dainty cotton patterns,
Crafted by
Nimble, fragile fingers.
They’re stitching a story
About chivalrous
Wearing woven cloaks;
An eager entourage,
Pursuing the path
To rescue
Swooning sisters
From sun-drenched fields.
Gaily gathered, relaxing,
Picnic baskets laden,
Blankets strewn with
Well worn,
Beautifully bound,
Copies of
Austen and Bronte,
Finely fluted finger
And Wild, ripe
As Midsummer eve
Draws in
The picnic party,
Pepper their petticotes,
And comb their hair.
Entangled with
Charming gentlemen,
They leave the
Ladies lace
To nature’s picnic,
Bunnies, blue-tits
And accumulating

Fascinating meadow


The meadow’s buzzing,
Grasses jousting
Like a knights’ tournament,
Buttercups proudly
Shaking like fair
Maid’s bonnets,
Dandelion seeds
Dispersing in
Breezes like
Sprinkles of fairy
Daisy charms
Adorn children
Whose footsteps
Tread, releasing
Sweet honey aromas,
Their giggles
Heard from dusk
Till dawn on
Midsummer eve.
Fawns leap
And elves weep
For joy as
The Fairy Queen
Is crowned in the
Toadstool ring.

Starburst’s midsummer dream


Electric Blue star
Bursts with sparkling
Pirouettes like a fairy
in midsummer’s
Desiring serene
River banks,
To dazzle frogs
On Lily pads,
Waiting for
Graceful princes
From faraway