A-Z writing challenge ‘Z’ Zephyr


When zephyrs float by
Like fine cotton blouses,
it’s going to be a good day!
Gentle breezes massaging
The face, ruffling hair.

Zephyrs magically scribble
Spirited messages.
Aeromancy: fanciful
Horses canĀ  bring power,
Seraphins, protection
From sentinels.
Zephyrs blow
Away nightmares
Bringing calm
And happiness.


A-Z writing challenge letter M Message in the sand


One wild, dangerous night,
Church bells, deep in the sea
Chimed furiously at midnight.
Flickering flame from a fisherman’s
Lantern suddenly snuffed out
As rolling waves
Roared to a crescendo.
Turbulent sea churned spitting out
Remnants of the night.
The message in the sand.