Water festival


Water festival



I took these photos a few week’s ago in London’s Little Venice where a beautiful, colourful water carnival was taking place. It was a warm day and the atmosphere was cheery. I thought the photos fitted with Cee’s fun foto challenge ‘Water’ nicely. Usually I would’ve chosen a tranquil riverside location for my photographs but somehow these evoke the beginning of summer and time for fun and leisure. Enjoy!





vintage droplets

Droplets of light, majestically falling at the entrance to the V&A Museum in London.  I was wondering when I was going to use this photo and Sonel’s challenge ‘droplets’ proved the ideal opportunity.  The first one is my original, cropped in Snapseed and the second has a vintage tint and border to complement the period of the building.  I can easily spend a whole day at the V&A, taking photographs, drawing and eating!  Enjoy

A-Z writing challenge, letter ‘V’ Vibrant Festival


Vibrant colourful boats
Shelter together,
Bright kaleidoscopic bunting
Ardent midday sun
Amidst thronging jollity
Intimate marriage takes place.
Their vivacious, flourishing,  shimmering
Robes, reflect passionate vibrancy
Of the festival beyond.