Cee’s fun foto challenge: the colour green-autumnal green medley

Grapproaching thunderstorm

This photo challenge gave me the opportunity to focus on a photographic autumnal medley of shots taken on my recent walks as summer faded and the moist musty mornings came in abundance, with jewelled spider webs and bright fruits dangling with illuminated raindrops.

I hope you enjoy my medley. Spot a little friend working hard on a ‘summery’ day.


colour green medley

Ravishing Lavender

2014-09-04 13.23.40-1_1

2014-09-04 13.18.58-1_1
Ravishing Lavender,
Rosy mauve,
Tickling noses,
Tantalizing tints
Of Pistachio, mint
And palest lawn cotton:
A lemony memory
Never forgotten.

A-Z Writing challenge letter G Garden Retreat


Heart of the pagoda,
Lemon scented roses
Delightful, enticing.
Wild honey bees,
Busily seeking
Nectar from
An abundance of lavender.
Freshly mown grass
Reminiscent of
Childhood holidays.