Wintery Willows

Billowy fiendish wind sweeps

 Sighing leaves from

Wintery willows reaching,

Leaning slender beams

From tender pillows, bending

o’er crispy fire red carpeted paths,

Beside the glistening river Ouse

Silently soothes.


The best of 2014

Best of 2014
Firstly. Happy New Year and thanks for your support last year, for your enjoyable comments, friendship and also for welcoming me to your blogs. 2014 was challenging in many ways. We moved house unexpectedly again in June, however recently and probably one of the reasons why my posts have been more sporadic, we have purchased a lovely cottage which we will be renovating over the next few months, which will be our permanent home, at last! I have set up a new blog to write about the trials and tribulations of renovating our Victorian cottage and hopefully if my technical skills will allow me, I will add a link to my new wordpress site. I will obviously be continuing with this one as I love writing about nature and will always be out walking my dogs. Another challenge was my mother’s serious illness, which thank goodness she seems now to be recovering from after the removal of her right kidney, a major upheaval for a 77 year old woman! She was so brave.
On a happy note, I really enjoyed being the mother of the bridegroom at my son’s Scottish wedding in July. It was such a beautiful wedding and a stunning location. I hope you enjoy the photos. Anyway I hope you will all continue to enjoy reading my blog this year and possibly take a peek at my little cottage blog. Enjoy, thank you and peace and blessings. 🙂


The colour ‘orange’, the theme of Cee’s weekly photo challenge for this week. How does the colour orange make you feel?   Orange makes me feel creative and gives me the energizing sunshine filling my heart. orange”

Autumnal Memories


Red ruby reminders
Musty fungi,
Munchy forage.
Prickles & pickles,
Russets & possets,
Jellies & relish,
Rambles & tangles.
Sanguine serenade.

Floral Thursday: Summer sensation


Every now and again, I think I’ll have a floral Thursday, just for a change.
Yesterday when I was out walking, I felt the change in the air and a slight sadness that in a few weeks the colours will begin to fade, the floral aromas will lessen and eventually we will say goodbye to the butterflies and the bees until next year; so, I decided to celebrate summer with this montage of some of the colourful photos that I have enjoyed taking.
I hope you enjoy them too, with a cup of tea, Pims, lemonade or glass of wine.

Weekly photo challenge: foreshadow-engine enigma


My interpretation of ‘foreshadow’. There is a hint of the outcome, however there are many other possibilities: let your imagination fire the engine.

Throbbing heart;
Breathing steam mantras;
Coke stoking,
Shovelling, scraping, poking;
Sweaty soot.
Fire whispers;
Flames entrance,
Drivers cogitate,
Watch. Wait.

Daily post weekly photo challenge – foreshadow

Weaving wisely


Weaving wisely
Leafy shade;
Pastel petals
Seductively surround
Sugar sweet
Lemon stamens,
Like a watery sun
In a marshmallow
Cloudy sky.

Simply seeds


Simple seeds,
Adorning banks
And fields,
Guiding us
Along our path
Like celestial
Balls of
To infinity.
These stellar
Fertility angels
In a new

Satiated force


Rumbling, booming,
Pride of the skies,
Creeping like sinuous,
Slithering across
Abundant, arable
Dumping sooty,

A-Z writing challenge, letter P, Planting for the future


Planting footsteps,
Pushing through the
Persistant breeze,
Upwards finally
Reaching a safe place
Where hunger is
Satisfied with
Future positive dreams.