Fun photo challenge: White


A solitary swan,

Gracefully glides,

Riding gleaming ripples,

Peacefully preening.

Siding with me,

Confiding about dreams

_69Black and white or colour? It was a quiet, sunny and warm day. I heard the swan’s feathers gentle moving in the breeze before I saw the beautiful ‘Queen of the water’, watching inquisitively and nearing the water’s edge. In the colour photograph, I feel the warmth of the day and enjoy the natural, special moment with the swan, gleaming in all its glory!   However the black and white brings out the serenity of the moment and fits Cee’s fun challenge theme of ‘white’.


Sonels Photo Challenge: Feathers


First the enhanced photo.  I uploaded the original photo to Snapseed, a free photo editing tool to sharpen the original a tad then I used a bright filter to add drama.  I then uploaded this image to Pics art where you can do lots of funky things, but I mainly use it for borders and special effects when I want to add atmosphere and also if I want to create montages or multi-photos in one frame as yesterday’s post. I used a vignette, a Bokeh24 mask and border 23. I hope you enjoy the result,

Here’s the original taken in a nature reserve in Northamptonshire.  Which do you prefer?

Swan at Ringstead


Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated Autumnal Reflections


An unseasonally
Satiating warm spell,
Enhances saturated
Rusting hues like

This week’s challenge is to show saturation in a photograph. I couldn’t resist taking this one, I hope you enjoy it and my little poem!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Magical evening


As evening weaves
Her magic,
Soft, rippling
Lulls signets and chicks
Into a web of
Nurturing dreams.

As serenity captures
The sun’s cooling rays,
Evening sighs
And closes
Her eyes.

Wilderness Trail


Footsteps trailing
Following the
Woven water’s edge,
Like a hessian canvas.

Startled mallards
Fly in matrices.
The whistling winds
Ward off timid tits
Huddling amidst
Eiderdown blossoms.
Swifts screech,
Sweeping as
Wild waves make
Signets weep.