Reflecting on yesterday’s goodness


Reflecting on yesterday's goodness

Reflecting on the goodness and
Vitality of yesterday
Makes today special.

Watching the sun going down and listening to nature’s lullaby inpired me to reflect and take forward that moment in time to the next day. Live every day as a special day.


Ese’s weekly shoot quote challenge:Memories


‘ Memories are the key not to the past
but the future.’
Corrie Ten Bown

Time to wander,
Pondering whilst
Sauntering on
Wet sand
Like a caramel
Fudge land.
Salty lips,
Chalky skin,
A deep,
Warm mineral
Breath in:
Letting go.
Waves fade
Negative thoughts
Wash away.
Sea lavender breeze,
Flotsam of old trees.
Memories like
Sea glass pebbles
And sea shell patterns
In the sand.

Ese’s challenge ‘memories’ gave me the idea to return to the memory of the walk with my husband and dogs on the Norfolk sands one carefree day when we were on holiday and had time to saunter and breathe in the minerals and taste the seaside. It was a precious memory, where we got lost in our own thoughts, reminisced and had fun with our dogs. The light was wonderful, so relaxing.
Ese’s weekly shoot and quote challenge: Memories

Merry Mahonia


Merry Mahonia,
Citrus signature,
Nestling in
Bursting brightly,
Refreshingly gleaming,
Dull misty

NaNoWriMo: Writer’s rooms


I’m still trying to plan my novel and select a title, which is proving to be deflating.  So by going back to my roots as a poet and photographer, hopefully, I’ve created my writer’s room which will inspire me and others to turn those emerging thoughts into a book. Or maybe I should stick to poetry!  I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Little river rooms,
Where writer’s ideas
Thoughts stray
Throughout the day.
Scribbled ripples,
Wandering riddles,
Flirtatious leaves,
Sensational reflections,
Reeds and deeds.
National blog posting month
National Novel Writing Month

Foxglove medley


Foxglove medley
Like ladies in
Floral tea dresses,
Waiting to dance,
Fluttering and muttering,
To catch the eyes
Of a suitor.
Towering bells
Of dusky pinks,
Creamy yellows
And lacy whites,
Tantalizing bees
To look inside
The cavernous
Honey pots of pollen
They provide.

Honeysuckle feast


Honey fingers,
Dipped in prickly
Pink sugar,
Drizzling deliciously
Over a glorious cup cake.
Honey bees satiated,
Hawk moths furtively
Feasting at midnight,
As honeysuckle
Heavenly perfume.

Weekly photo challenge: The world through your eyes

Weekly photo challenge- a story captured in a frame, ‘the photographer’s eye’Nurturing narrative


Nurturing the gardens,
Tending to shoots
And vines.
Whiling away time,
She listens to
Nature’s narrative,
Finding it gently curative.
Feeding and watering,
Meditatively, patiently.
She enjoys the shower
Of summer raindrops,
Refreshingly restorative
And the company of bees,
Thrumming, diving
Into friendly foxgloves.
Curious robins
Play hide and seek,
Sparrows wait for a treat.
Undisturbed the gardener
Weeds her needs and
Sighs with satisfaction
Before retiring for
The night.

Weekly photo challenge: Provocative, swaggering curves


Giggling geraniums,
Oozing a heady bouquet,
Tumbling in tiers.
An extravaganza in pink!
They transcend into
A pageant of players
From a vintage musical,
Dancing to Dixieland,
Stunning the audience
With luxuriant fuchsia smiles,
Proudly, provocative,
Swaggering their curves.

I am interested in how nature triggers the imagination by synergistically tempting the senses, thus releasing creative energy to produce photographs which evoke inspirational poetry. This photo was taken in a nineteenth century orangery. Initially I was drawn to the voluptuous curves of the flowers, cascading in an amazing display and their intense aroma, which captivated me to take the photo and then create the poem. I hope you enjoy my post.

Feast of Rhododendrons


Swards of vintage, pink chintz
Like grandiose gondolas,
Gliding along the venetian
Grand canal.
Precious purples,
Jewels of the Nile,
Proudly posing on
Feluccas reaching with
Swollen sails.
Crepe de chine greens
Scattered with eau
De nil seeds,
A grand tour
Of sensual scents
Of summertime,
A feast of magnificent


Lullaby Iris


Lullaby Iris
Lilting sweet tones,
Gently rocking.

Lullaby Iris,
Comforting, caressing,
A galleon gliding on
A serene
And misty sea,
Exploring eternity,
Gently rocking.

Lullaby Iris,
Sweetly scented pillows,
Palest, pearlescent blue,
Romancing, dreaming,
Gently rocking.

Lullaby Iris,
Fairies frolicking
To mesmerizing melodies
Played by the fledgling lutist,
Flying on filigree clouds,
Gently rocking.