Inspired by Squash

I love growing squash, but this year, I reckon because of the drought, the harvest was disappointing. The squash were much smaller. However they have made a very good Still Life subject. I feel inspired by their textures, colours and those fabulous stripey designs. I actually like the dried slightly mouldy wizened stem!

My painting is work in progress, in oil on canvas gesso board. The oil is quite damp so I’ve got time to think about any changes I want to make.

The weather is warm here, the light fabulous for showcasing autumnal colours everywhere in nature. I’ll miss the swallows though!

I hope you’re having a good autumn.


Restorative walk

I always find walking along the North Norfolk coastal path calming restorative. The endless skies of clouds whch make dreamy characters from children’s picture books and the gentle salty air filled with samphire and sea lavender. The colour palette and interesting wild textures inspire me to write and paint.

Here are two textured painted sketches of the atmosphere evocative of Stiffkey salt marshes. I hope you enjoy t

Frosty seeds and winter trees


This Solar print was inspired by my moonlit frosty dog walks. The seedheads were encrusted with ‘fairy dust’ reaching out to the moon.


This solar print was inspired by my photos of trees in winter, taken In what I call the ‘Fairy wood’; a beautiful, quiet, well planted woodland where we often walk. Every day there is something new to see. The Green Woodpecker has been a recent visitor. My dogs love to chase squirrels and jump over the piles of logs, the woodland is a natural Green Gym.

NaNoWriMo: Writer’s rooms


I’m still trying to plan my novel and select a title, which is proving to be deflating.  So by going back to my roots as a poet and photographer, hopefully, I’ve created my writer’s room which will inspire me and others to turn those emerging thoughts into a book. Or maybe I should stick to poetry!  I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Little river rooms,
Where writer’s ideas
Thoughts stray
Throughout the day.
Scribbled ripples,
Wandering riddles,
Flirtatious leaves,
Sensational reflections,
Reeds and deeds.
National blog posting month
National Novel Writing Month

Raspberry ripple sky


Raspberry,  apricot  ripple  sky

Delicious  sundae

Melting  into  a  sigh



Enchanted wood groans and moans, Whispers & weeps. Tormented, alone, lost Her voice echoing ‘lost, lost’ Crushing, trampling Damp resinous forest carpet, Dizzy, blinded by the diffusion Straining her thin neck Gnarled, twisted , contorted Regal branches of ancient cedar A dryad allures her to climb the boughs And knots. She remembers past lives: pharaohs, princes, fairy tale castles, Bloody battles, beautiful icecap mountains and sailing in an electric storm. She reaches the warm, tree house on top of the canopy Where there is nothing but peace.