A-Z Writing challenge letter G Garden Retreat


Heart of the pagoda,
Lemon scented roses
Delightful, enticing.
Wild honey bees,
Busily seeking
Nectar from
An abundance of lavender.
Freshly mown grass
Reminiscent of
Childhood holidays.

A-Z Writing challenge C

C Cheerful

Narcissi’s cheerful, tiny faces

Smile and quiver

Happily soaking up sun’s

Peeping rays.


Nature’s Recorder

Quietly wandering
Listening as nature’s
Stories unfold.
Robin’s signpost
Sleepy wood violets

Shyly lifting
Their bonnets,
Whispering wisdom
From their souls

After the storm


A mingle of footprints trail
Away from dissipating
Stormy weather,
Churning, spitting waves
Calmly flow into frothy,
Lacy edged, salty waves;
Spicy jewels, gleaming sea glass,
Glinting quartz and
Tiny scallop shells peep
Up from soft, warm wetness.

Spring’s Flight


Swooping, startled flock
Searching for sanctuary over  turbulent waters
Find serenity in sheltered woodlands.

Secret signature of life


Weaving tendrils,
Nature’s universal braille,
Breathing berried fruits,
Some soothing,
Some sour or sweet.
Sympathy Or Serenity.
Jewels for you.