Weekly Photo Challenge: habit- habitual walk


A habitual walk,
Time to think or talk;
Every day,
Sunny or grey;
Pull on boots,
Choose a route.
Lake or lane,
Disused railway line,
Hill or vale.
Serendipitous shot!
Notebook scribbling,
Sibling collies’ wriggling
Husband giggling.
Always fun,
Time for a bun.
Where’s the sun?

Weekly photo challenge: habit


NaBloPoMo:Curious conkers


Curious conkers,
Prickly protection,
Secret affection.
Chivalrous chestnut,
Galloping eyes;
Smooth, sleek,
Fiery and meek;
Ghostly mane
Like a train
As the chestnut
Unicorn’s gaze
Fades into
The forest.

Wet Snow Falls


Trails of hoof prints melt, Dissolving memories. Wet snow falls, Admidst beautiful Whitewashed patchwork meadows