Jetty – Waiting for the tide

This photo was taken just a few week’s ago on beautiful October day. We often spend our holidays walking along the North Norfolk coastal path with our Border Collies. The Salt Marshes have a wild beauty unique to Norfolk and is a fabulous place  for spotting seabirds, wildlife, wild flowers,  butterflies and dragonflies. We were walking from Stiffkey to Morston when I took this opportunity to photograph the Creek with the sleeping boats gently swaying as the tide came in. I wonder who uses the jetty? Who built the jetty?

November dark evenings are a good time to reflect on our holidays. This picture also fits Cee’s Which Way challenge for this week.

Enjoy !


Weekly photo challenge:Windows


Weekly photo challenge:Windows

This photo was taken in a fishing village, Winterton on sea, Norfolk, last summer. I find the cottage eerie and I wonder how many spirits lie behind the windows and how many stories of past fishing lives have been told behind those windows. I also love the climbing roses.
The photo was selected in response to the daily post’s weekly photo challenge ‘window’. I hope you enjoy it.

Moving home


Hi everybody.  Just to let you know that we’re moving house next week, so as you can imagine I’m surrounded by boxes!  I’m excited as I’m moving closer to friends and family and have a new area of the countryside to discover walking with my dogs, however it’s unsettling and could affect my creativity, so my posts may be sporadic for a couple of weeks, but please keep looking, I really appreciate your fantastic support.
I found this interesting, psychedelic van when we were on holiday recently in Winterton on sea, Norfolk.  The artist is gradually restoring it and covering it with his amazing art.

Thank you all for popping to see my blog. Your comments are always appreciated. Namaste xxxx

Nature’s picnic


Ladies lace
Languishly spinning,
Dainty cotton patterns,
Crafted by
Nimble, fragile fingers.
They’re stitching a story
About chivalrous
Wearing woven cloaks;
An eager entourage,
Pursuing the path
To rescue
Swooning sisters
From sun-drenched fields.
Gaily gathered, relaxing,
Picnic baskets laden,
Blankets strewn with
Well worn,
Beautifully bound,
Copies of
Austen and Bronte,
Finely fluted finger
And Wild, ripe
As Midsummer eve
Draws in
The picnic party,
Pepper their petticotes,
And comb their hair.
Entangled with
Charming gentlemen,
They leave the
Ladies lace
To nature’s picnic,
Bunnies, blue-tits
And accumulating

A-Z Writing challenge letter G Garden Retreat


Heart of the pagoda,
Lemon scented roses
Delightful, enticing.
Wild honey bees,
Busily seeking
Nectar from
An abundance of lavender.
Freshly mown grass
Reminiscent of
Childhood holidays.

After the storm


A mingle of footprints trail
Away from dissipating
Stormy weather,
Churning, spitting waves
Calmly flow into frothy,
Lacy edged, salty waves;
Spicy jewels, gleaming sea glass,
Glinting quartz and
Tiny scallop shells peep
Up from soft, warm wetness.