Nature’s refuge

nature's refuge church

Crumbling stones

Gently moan.

Creeping foliage,

Home to mice,

Owls and bones.


Seeking solace,

Listen to

Nature’s songs.

Even on a winter’s afternoon, Ayot St. Lawrence’s ruined church is still romantic and beautiful. Tiny snowdrops surround the ancient graves like frozen tears. After our walk, we sat in the car drinking tea from a flask and eating home-made cake, whilst I scribbled away in my notebook. ¬† Hertfordshire has so many delightful and atmospheric ¬†villages to explore.

Furry Friday: Inquisitive pony


Little pony,
Inquisitive eyes,
Watches walkers’
For a friend
To groom him
And gallop
To the moon,
Hopefully soon!