Furry Friday

2014-08-20 11.59.56-1_1
What could be better than watching my dog weaving through the meadow! A beautiful breezy day with a few menacing clouds to complete the scene.
2014-08-18 12.15.21-1_1
Here’s the other one cooling down. Oh what fun we’re having today.
I’ve also added my post to Michelle’s weekly pet challenge. You can see the other entries below.


Almost Furry Friday!

2013-12-07 15.34.07-1_1_1A lovely herd of Galloway Belties, enjoying the moment on the Ashridge estate. They look so cuddly!

Note:  My blog hasn’t been working properly since I started the new SMS authentication,  I haven’t been able to load posts. I’ve no idea what is going on but it is very upsetting. My apologies to my readers and please stay with me.  Thank you. Xxx

Furry Friday: Owl king


From cathedral beams,
A great owl spreads
His wings, like
A Gold and ermine
Cloak for a King.
Gracefully gliding
Shimmering in the shadows,
Drawn to the
Illuminated eyes
Darting by
The light
Of the moon.

Furry Friday: Inquisitive pony


Little pony,
Inquisitive eyes,
Watches walkers’
For a friend
To groom him
And gallop
To the moon,
Hopefully soon!

NaBloPoMo:Furry Friday: Furry Ramble


Sampling woodland’s
Mysterious planting.
A green woodpecker
Catches my eye,
Feasting on the forest floor,
Fleeting through an
Oak nook ‘door’.
The collies love to roam
Chasing off a forest gnome,
A robin red breast hops,
Flopping amongst the moss.
Squirrels scramble in the leaves
Time to amble home for tea.