Floral Thursday: Fortuitous Fuchsia


Fortuitous fuchsia,
Whimsical wings;
Stamens sing;
A wish in the wind:
Lingering twinkling,
Fairy dust glittering,
Delicate bells tinkling.


Floral Thursday: Summer sensation


Every now and again, I think I’ll have a floral Thursday, just for a change.
Yesterday when I was out walking, I felt the change in the air and a slight sadness that in a few weeks the colours will begin to fade, the floral aromas will lessen and eventually we will say goodbye to the butterflies and the bees until next year; so, I decided to celebrate summer with this montage of some of the colourful photos that I have enjoyed taking.
I hope you enjoy them too, with a cup of tea, Pims, lemonade or glass of wine.