Ice dance

Ice dance

Ice fairies

Flaunting glamorous feather boas.

Dancing on tip toes,

Timorously pirouetting

On ice crusted brambles,

Sledging zealously

Down frosty



Furry Friday: Owl king


From cathedral beams,
A great owl spreads
His wings, like
A Gold and ermine
Cloak for a King.
Gracefully gliding
Shimmering in the shadows,
Drawn to the
Illuminated eyes
Darting by
The light
Of the moon.

Wildwood fantasy


My childhood fantasy
Took me to the wildwood
Of my dreams.
Here in the wildwood
Existed earth
Sprites and nymphs.
I glimpsed them
Dancing and
Singing mysteriously.
I wished I was
Part of their world.

This poem was written from a poetry writing prompt, to write a poem using the following keywords: fancy, tree, childhood, exist, earth.



Enchanted wood groans and moans, Whispers & weeps. Tormented, alone, lost Her voice echoing ‘lost, lost’ Crushing, trampling Damp resinous forest carpet, Dizzy, blinded by the diffusion Straining her thin neck Gnarled, twisted , contorted Regal branches of ancient cedar A dryad allures her to climb the boughs And knots. She remembers past lives: pharaohs, princes, fairy tale castles, Bloody battles, beautiful icecap mountains and sailing in an electric storm. She reaches the warm, tree house on top of the canopy Where there is nothing but peace.