Wise woodland


Wise woodland

Wise woodland
Happily sighs
As spring’s
Jewels are
A beautiful
Delicate Anemones
Like twinkling stars
Of our ancestors.anemones
Bluebells’ intoxicating
Violets’ sweet flavour.
Savour the serenity
For eternity.

Lullaby Iris


Lullaby Iris
Lilting sweet tones,
Gently rocking.

Lullaby Iris,
Comforting, caressing,
A galleon gliding on
A serene
And misty sea,
Exploring eternity,
Gently rocking.

Lullaby Iris,
Sweetly scented pillows,
Palest, pearlescent blue,
Romancing, dreaming,
Gently rocking.

Lullaby Iris,
Fairies frolicking
To mesmerizing melodies
Played by the fledgling lutist,
Flying on filigree clouds,
Gently rocking.

Radiant red poppy


Radiant red poppy,
So strikingly solitary,
A subdued song of sighs,
Streaming from
Her heavy heart.

Passionate petals,
Velvety veins
Like the wings
Of the great Red Admiral
Boldly soaring
On the summer breeze
To eternity.

Celebration of love


Ethereal mist
Flows through
The wrought iron
Aged bench
Messages of love,
Weaving hope
Amongst heavenly
And golden buttercups.
Years of enduring love
Creak sympathetically
With weathered wood,
Serenely surveying
The synergy of nature
Like the romantic celebration
Of eternal love.