A-Z Writing Challenge ‘X’ Xanadu

Unicorns peep through
Copses adorned with crystals.
Tiptoe on chamomile lawns,
Mesmerized by trickling
Rainbow fountains,
Through stone arches.
Xanadu’s most secret,
enchanted garden.


A-Z writing challenge, ‘U’ Undulating experience


Quiet backwater,
Undulates, waiting
For enchanted admirers
Who seek tranquillity.

As dreams unfold,
Nature’s story is told,
Larks chorus,
Wood pigeon’s purr,
Swans drifting
Waiting for waters to stir.
Red Admirals flirt
With nectar rich flaura,
Honey bees
Seek wild Primula.

Enchanted Woodland


Bewitched woodland wilderness. Chiming icicles, crystals dazzle, streams ripple night falls.