Chinese lanterns, toadstools and more…

These prints were very simple to produce. I used a foam material like ain apizza base to cut the design of the Chinese lanterns

Next you draw your design into the foam using a biro or pencil.  Mix your coloured ink and roll on to your plate thinly. Put cartridge paper over the plate then with your print roller,  roll up and down.Lift your paper gently off your printing plate and your image appears printed! Great fun, easy and can be done with children.

Hopefully here’s the link to my Brown hare cottage wp site where you can see my ‘Fox in a wood on a wintry night’ linocut print. 



This watercolour sketch of a toadstool from the Agaric family , I found in an old sketchbook. It’s at least 10 year’s old but surprisingly it has held its vibrant autumnal colours. 

Gardener’s delight


As warm days fade,
The gardener is proud
Of what’s been made
By fork and spade
And nature’s magical ways.
Loud bursts of orange,
Punctuated with pink,
Daft dashes of
Laughing lemons:
Reflecting a season
Of the gardener’s
Signature taste.

A-Z Writing challenge, letter ‘S’ Sea shell sketches



Sea shell homesteads,
Intimate, cosy.
Free spirits in
Underworld oceans,
Hiding from predators.
Venturing out
On sunny, safe days.
Flamboyantly displaying
Beautiful, palest Apricot,
Ochre and Cream