Rocking Hollyhocks

Rocking Hollihocks

Rocking Hollyhocks,

Like nodding, bobbing dollies.

They frollick from every folly, hedge

And cottage.

I just love these wonderful old cottage garden flowers that are nodding and bopping about from almost every garden around Bedfordshire. These were smiling at me from a cottage garden in the village of Cardington.

Enjoy 🙂


Weekly photo challenge:Windows


Weekly photo challenge:Windows

This photo was taken in a fishing village, Winterton on sea, Norfolk, last summer. I find the cottage eerie and I wonder how many spirits lie behind the windows and how many stories of past fishing lives have been told behind those windows. I also love the climbing roses.
The photo was selected in response to the daily post’s weekly photo challenge ‘window’. I hope you enjoy it.

Foxglove medley


Foxglove medley
Like ladies in
Floral tea dresses,
Waiting to dance,
Fluttering and muttering,
To catch the eyes
Of a suitor.
Towering bells
Of dusky pinks,
Creamy yellows
And lacy whites,
Tantalizing bees
To look inside
The cavernous
Honey pots of pollen
They provide.

Whimsical Wisteria


Whimsical Wisteria
Frivolously drapes
Like capricious
Crinolines of
Citrine silk,
By a quaint
Cottage door
For the fortune
Teller to gaze
Into a crystal ball.