Sketching in the garden: woodland in spring

The weather has been amazing the last couple of days, too hot for working in the Studio so I’ve been sitting outside at a little table sketching with watercolour was crayons, called I think Neocolour. They are quick to work with and I love blending the colours. I used the above reference from a walk in the countryside yesterday and imagined the feeling of walking into a magical Blue bell wood.


Bluebell lullaby


On a lush spring bank,
Sweet meadow herbs
Mingle their magic
With the elegant,
Intoxicating, fever
Bluebell: Queen
Of the night.

Nature’s pillow,
Plump and soothing,
Drop tears of nectar,
Through pursed lips,
Sweet and melting like
fine, buttery, moist
Cake crumbs.

Stars of the meadow
Shine in the mind,
Thousands of tiny,
Crystal,  tinkling bells.
One of nature’s
Finest lullabies.

A-Z writing challenge – letter I for Imaginary. Imaginary place


Walk through magical
Woody glades towards
Your imaginary place.
Under bare feet,
Carpets of wild herbs
Warm, soothe.
Fingers reach out
Touching fresh
Young leaves,
Caressing delicate silk.
Rest by ancient trees
Creaking reassuringly.
Your mind drifts
With bluebell
Miles away,
Across the wide
Sea of imagination.