Poppy petals tumbling…

My cottage garden glows

With ragged pink blush


Summer winds blowing,

Tumbling petals flowing

Through a sea of leaves;

Frilly foxgloves enticing bees.


Swathes of summer blooms

Swathes of summer blooms,

so soon their petals will crumple and fade.

For many more sultry days,  bees will  bathe and tumble in pollen,

And many of us will loll about entranced by their hypnotic tune. 

Lazy Sunday: Printmaking-poppy


I had great pleasure in messing about with inks and a beautiful old printing press to produce ‘poppy’, inspired by the poppies in one of my photographs and poetry early this summer.  I remember a lovely sunny walk with the dogs through a meadow in one of Northamptonshire’s most rural, unspoilt landscapes where butterflies danced with each other and I felt lulled by the comfort of the bees buzzing around, busy at work. I hope you enjoy my monotype print.

On the cusp of autumn


Searching for
The penultimate
Summer nectar;
Gliding gently
Onto slippery, soft
Petals releasing
Wild woody notes.
A saturating sherbet
Feast awaiting.
A chilly blaze
And brittle breeze
Curl up dozy petals.
The bee drifts away
Dreaming of home.

Floral Thursday: Summer sensation


Every now and again, I think I’ll have a floral Thursday, just for a change.
Yesterday when I was out walking, I felt the change in the air and a slight sadness that in a few weeks the colours will begin to fade, the floral aromas will lessen and eventually we will say goodbye to the butterflies and the bees until next year; so, I decided to celebrate summer with this montage of some of the colourful photos that I have enjoyed taking.
I hope you enjoy them too, with a cup of tea, Pims, lemonade or glass of wine.

Humble Bee


Humble bee,
Of insect
Nerve agent:
A statement
To persecutors
Whose purses
At our bees

Secure in a
Secret haven,
This furry friend
Works wisely,
It’s prize,


References: Gouson Dave, A sting in the tail

Running Free


Running free
In fields of dreams,
Through delicate meadow
Curious cornflowers
And dallying daisies;
Butterflies,  zig zagging,
Tagging and
Surfing summer

Sharing their fun,
On tiptoes I run,
Through seas
Of seeds crackling;
Caressing chamomile;
Blinking bumblebees;
Hovering Damselflies,
An appreciative audience!

Time to leave
The dusty glowing
Shifting shades
Of summer:
The meadow’s

Graceful Bee Orchid


Along a shady glade,
A petite purple spire,
Whistfully waves.

Miniature mouths
Like a cherubic
Golden dust.

Wild bees
Gleefully graze
On the graceful
Bee orchid.

Foxglove medley


Foxglove medley
Like ladies in
Floral tea dresses,
Waiting to dance,
Fluttering and muttering,
To catch the eyes
Of a suitor.
Towering bells
Of dusky pinks,
Creamy yellows
And lacy whites,
Tantalizing bees
To look inside
The cavernous
Honey pots of pollen
They provide.

Weekly photo challenge: The world through your eyes

Weekly photo challenge- a story captured in a frame, ‘the photographer’s eye’Nurturing narrative


Nurturing the gardens,
Tending to shoots
And vines.
Whiling away time,
She listens to
Nature’s narrative,
Finding it gently curative.
Feeding and watering,
Meditatively, patiently.
She enjoys the shower
Of summer raindrops,
Refreshingly restorative
And the company of bees,
Thrumming, diving
Into friendly foxgloves.
Curious robins
Play hide and seek,
Sparrows wait for a treat.
Undisturbed the gardener
Weeds her needs and
Sighs with satisfaction
Before retiring for
The night.