In the company of trees

In the company of trees

In the company of trees

We breathe

Feeling relieved.

As leaves fall

They kiss our tears

And listen to our


Bathing us

In a spiced

Aromatic mist.

company of trees2

Weekly writing challenge: a pinch of you


Spice of Life

Sweet, sultry
Bright, warm
Soul shining
Star anise;
Gentle, nurturing
Energetic, fun-loving
Twirl, sprinkle,
Enjoy enticing aromas,
Ready for your

This week’s writing challenge from the daily post, inspires us to write a recipe about ourselves, which ingredients makes the writer in us ‘cook’ our novels or poetry.  I hope you enjoy mine.

I’ve had a problem recently receiving comments in my spam box and also my wordpress friends tell me they sometimes find my comments in their spam box. I believe it’s happening to a few of us, which is a shame, so folks don’t forget to check your spam.

Fascinating meadow


The meadow’s buzzing,
Grasses jousting
Like a knights’ tournament,
Buttercups proudly
Shaking like fair
Maid’s bonnets,
Dandelion seeds
Dispersing in
Breezes like
Sprinkles of fairy
Daisy charms
Adorn children
Whose footsteps
Tread, releasing
Sweet honey aromas,
Their giggles
Heard from dusk
Till dawn on
Midsummer eve.
Fawns leap
And elves weep
For joy as
The Fairy Queen
Is crowned in the
Toadstool ring.