Raspberry tassles

Raspberry tassles, tantalize;

Dainty clematis dazzle;

Muscari like mini pyramids of lapis lazuli brighten shady corners

Whilst amethyst anemones smile

Even when their petals are tattered by windswept twigs.


Spring wishes

spring wishesSpring flowers,

Winter showers,

Tingling cheeks,

Secretly wishing for

Warm weeks.

Over the last few days when I have been out walking, my cheeks have smarted from the bitter winds, reminding me that we are not far enough away yet from winter days. However, spotting the peeping of little Violets, Narcissi and primrose and the beautiful displays of hyacinths in village gardens, make me feel optimistic and wishing for warm days when one can feel the sun’s gentle energy.

Don’t forget the solar eclipse on Friday 20th March.

Wise woodland


Wise woodland

Wise woodland
Happily sighs
As spring’s
Jewels are
A beautiful
Delicate Anemones
Like twinkling stars
Of our ancestors.anemones
Bluebells’ intoxicating
Violets’ sweet flavour.
Savour the serenity
For eternity.

Bright blazing stars


Bright blazing stars
Catching golden rays,
Stretching open
Delicate petals.
Sunshine yellow
Wonderous glow.