Serene Snowdrop

Serene Snowdrop,

Small heart translucent face,

Peeping shyly through downy lace.

Awakened by a sour biting  breeze,

Which makes her cower, she

Curls up, sheltering under boughs

Of mighty beech trees.

Suddenly a shower of frosty crystals

Adorn the mysterious, tearful princess,

Crowning her with a spectacular tiara

As the dryad minstrels play their lyres.


Wintery Willows

Billowy fiendish wind sweeps

 Sighing leaves from

Wintery willows reaching,

Leaning slender beams

From tender pillows, bending

o’er crispy fire red carpeted paths,

Beside the glistening river Ouse

Silently soothes.

Lazy Sunday: Christmas cottage


I just thought I’d share with you this lovely christmas cottage, all lit up. I go past this jolly home every evening on my regular dog walk around the village, it puts me in a festive mood. It’s lovely that people make the effort to cheer up the local community by putting on a colourful display.

Weekly photo challenge: Let there be light


Twinkling lights beckoned the shoppers at the St.Albans Christmas market as the temperature plummeted and twilight helped to create the wonderful magical festive atmosphere.


NaBloPoMo:Wonderful windfalls


Wonderful windfalls,
Secret stash.
Scarlet tartlets
Apple bobbing bash!
Perfect pile,
Nature’s style,
Autumnal harvest,
Chunky chutney marmalade.

NaBloPoMo:Weekly photo challenge: Eerie


dpchallenge eerie

Autumnal Memories


Red ruby reminders
Musty fungi,
Munchy forage.
Prickles & pickles,
Russets & possets,
Jellies & relish,
Rambles & tangles.
Sanguine serenade.