Weekly photo challenge: Carefree


Free time on a sunny day
Washing your cares away;
Sharing stories with strangers,
Watching children play;
Salt & vinegar
Seaside charm;
Vibrant bickering bunting,
Screeching seagulls hunting;
Ice-cream tingling lips;
Queues for seal trips;
Kids squeak and squeal
As crabs writhe
And crawl: proudly
Presented in seaside buckets.
Hooray for the largest!

weekly photo challenge


Weekly photo challenge: foreshadow-engine enigma


My interpretation of ‘foreshadow’. There is a hint of the outcome, however there are many other possibilities: let your imagination fire the engine.

Throbbing heart;
Breathing steam mantras;
Coke stoking,
Shovelling, scraping, poking;
Sweaty soot.
Fire whispers;
Flames entrance,
Drivers cogitate,
Watch. Wait.

Daily post weekly photo challenge – foreshadow

Weekly photo challenge: Nostalgia: Memory cottage

photo challenge, ‘nostalgic’image

Granny’s gate
Always open.
Skipping along
The cobbled path,
Brushing by
Candyfloss flowers
And lollypop lupins.
Icing sugar windows

West wind blows
Memories through
The front door;
Wibbly wobbly
Licorice beams
And painted furniture
For the three bears.
Rippling rose syrup
Ice cream topped
With sugar violets,
Savoured whilst
Wooed with
Tales of olden days
And recipes of
Dripping pink
Iced buns and
Lemon cake.

Whispers of
Garden Fairies
Painting dainty
Dust on playful
Plump plums,
Blushing berries
And sparkling

Glowing gran
Kisses goodbye,
The vignette fades
To a hazy

Nostalgia brings
Tears of joy,
Weeps away fears
And deeply

Wise garden gate


Garden gate
Creaks apologetically,
Proudly protecting
The spirited woodland
Towers of ivy
Secreting lovers
And plump
Peonies standing proudly.

Old  Boots and clogs
Scuffle, shuffle.
Dainty slippers,
Hide amongst old oaks,
Waiting to be found.

Elegantly embroidered
Skipping beneath
Romantic boughs,
Pregnant with blossom.
Whilst they whisper
Their wildest thoughts,
Chastity keeps
Them apart.

A-Z writing challenge, letter O One beautiful hour


When the clock struck midday
Nimbus sunshine shimmered
On pools of water,
Hiding away, cocooned by
Labrynth reed beds belonging
To the river Ant,
Where cootes and mallards
Play hide and seek.

A-Z Writing challenge letter J Journeying


Journeying along
The river of time,
Expectation, resolve.
Under many bridges
With forgotten names,
Through locks where
Community spirit has
Inspired you.
Enjoy sensuality of nature.
Today, a three mile journey
Might take three hours, but
Each hour will be experienced
To the full.
Time is precious.
Your journey is precious.

Essences of time


Whispering  ripples 

Pebbles,  textural muted secret messages

Shivering slates shine

Icy  reflections  melt

In a glistening  golden  haze

Raspberry ripple sky


Raspberry,  apricot  ripple  sky

Delicious  sundae

Melting  into  a  sigh