Rare Beauty


Rare beauty,
Radiantly proud;
Her swollen
Serenely shining,
Gently smiling;
Streaming through
Bedroom windows,
Night gazers
Stare, euphoric,
Drenched in
Lunar energy.
An innocent
On the angel’s face,
Reflects elation
On the maternal moon.
Rocketing high,
The angel reaches
Touching incandescent
Sparkling light.

My artwork, ‘Reiki angel’ was inspired by a reiki meditation, where I saw her standing in front of me, reaching for the moon. After a few nights of meditating by the light of the blue moon and just gazing, I felt I had to write a poem. I hope you enjoy it.

About the Blue Moon
An astrological Blue Moon is rare; it happens when the moon is full twice in a solar month, giving us two full moons in the same zodiac sign.  The second of those is the Blue Moon.  The next Blue moon will be in June 2016.
Sarah Varcus says ‘ This moon seeks to empower us to make positive changes in our lives’

This post is dedicated to Sue dreamwalker for her loving, kind, healing energy. Thank you Sue for helping me to feel better.Sue’s wonderful, inspirational blog

Sarah Varcus

Writing challenge: Health

For this challenge we were asked to consider the importance of our health.
My health has its ups and downs and I find writing helps me to focus, feel grounded and connected. I love it!
The photo was taken on our wedding day last year, we had a lovely day with dear relatives and friends. My uncle was at the time and is still in extremely poor health and yet he travelled several hundred miles to be part of our celebration.
Here’s my contribution:


H is for HEALING the mind and spirit, helps to keep a healthy body.
E is for ENERGIZE yourself by practising yoga, tai chi or walking.
A is for ATTITUDE be positive as negative thoughts can lead to illness or slow down recovery.
L is for LEARNING about how to live a healthy, natural life.
T is for TIME should be respected; take time out to enjoy nature, meet with friends or to relax.
H is for HAPPINESS is the key to a healthy life. Find happiness in the simple joys in life.

weekly writing challenge: health.  Here are the others.

Weekly photo challenge: Nostalgia: Memory cottage

photo challenge, ‘nostalgic’image

Granny’s gate
Always open.
Skipping along
The cobbled path,
Brushing by
Candyfloss flowers
And lollypop lupins.
Icing sugar windows

West wind blows
Memories through
The front door;
Wibbly wobbly
Licorice beams
And painted furniture
For the three bears.
Rippling rose syrup
Ice cream topped
With sugar violets,
Savoured whilst
Wooed with
Tales of olden days
And recipes of
Dripping pink
Iced buns and
Lemon cake.

Whispers of
Garden Fairies
Painting dainty
Dust on playful
Plump plums,
Blushing berries
And sparkling

Glowing gran
Kisses goodbye,
The vignette fades
To a hazy

Nostalgia brings
Tears of joy,
Weeps away fears
And deeply

Rhapsody in ruby pink


A rose,
Elegant as
Oriental silk,
A Rhapsody in Ruby
Connotes a
Sultry summer evening.

On the parterre,
A diva dances
To a phantasmagorical
Duet, divinely
Embracing each
Others melodies.

A tingling of enrapturing
Ruby pink pollen,
Like dew drops
Drenching the soul,
The diva’s dulcet
Tones seek solace.

A whirlwind of petals
Scatter love letters,
Breathless, the deva
Draws a petal.
Enraptured by
Ambrosial perfume,
She leaves
The soiree
To seek her beau.

Radiant red poppy


Radiant red poppy,
So strikingly solitary,
A subdued song of sighs,
Streaming from
Her heavy heart.

Passionate petals,
Velvety veins
Like the wings
Of the great Red Admiral
Boldly soaring
On the summer breeze
To eternity.

Nature’s picnic


Ladies lace
Languishly spinning,
Dainty cotton patterns,
Crafted by
Nimble, fragile fingers.
They’re stitching a story
About chivalrous
Wearing woven cloaks;
An eager entourage,
Pursuing the path
To rescue
Swooning sisters
From sun-drenched fields.
Gaily gathered, relaxing,
Picnic baskets laden,
Blankets strewn with
Well worn,
Beautifully bound,
Copies of
Austen and Bronte,
Finely fluted finger
And Wild, ripe
As Midsummer eve
Draws in
The picnic party,
Pepper their petticotes,
And comb their hair.
Entangled with
Charming gentlemen,
They leave the
Ladies lace
To nature’s picnic,
Bunnies, blue-tits
And accumulating

Wise garden gate


Garden gate
Creaks apologetically,
Proudly protecting
The spirited woodland
Towers of ivy
Secreting lovers
And plump
Peonies standing proudly.

Old  Boots and clogs
Scuffle, shuffle.
Dainty slippers,
Hide amongst old oaks,
Waiting to be found.

Elegantly embroidered
Skipping beneath
Romantic boughs,
Pregnant with blossom.
Whilst they whisper
Their wildest thoughts,
Chastity keeps
Them apart.

Dream homestead


Paper white,
Dream homestead,
An invitation of
Freshly laundered linen,
Sweet oiled pine
And a baby soft blanket;
Cosseted by blossom
Laden blooms of
Gently beating hearts.
Windows zealously open,
Bringing in
The serene signature
Of the natural
Healing garden.



Simple Daisies
Like purest,
Votive candles.
Serenading flames,
Flirt innocently
With eyes strained.
Tiny tears
Melt away
As the golden
Heal our hearts.

Celebration of love


Ethereal mist
Flows through
The wrought iron
Aged bench
Messages of love,
Weaving hope
Amongst heavenly
And golden buttercups.
Years of enduring love
Creak sympathetically
With weathered wood,
Serenely surveying
The synergy of nature
Like the romantic celebration
Of eternal love.