Teatime treats: Gluten and dairy free Bakewell cake


I baked this GF and DF (my own recipe) yesterday and can honestly say that it was a moist, tasty cake with a lovely texture. You could of course replace the sunflower margerine with butter and use wheat self-raising flour if you wish.
It is also a very easy cake to make when you need a teatime treat in a hurry.

You will need:
150 grams of ‘Pure’ Sunflower margerine,
150 grams of Dove farm gluten free self raising flour,
1/2 teaspoon of gluten free baking powder,
150g golden caster sugar
Tablespoon of almond milk,
150g ground almonds
2 large free range eggs,
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
6 tablespoons of seedless raspberry jam.
A cup of dried or fresh raspberries
Oven 160c fan

1. Grease and line a 22cm springform tin or loose bottom tin.
2. In a food processor or hand blender, blend fat, sugar, almonds, eggs, flour, baking powder and vanilla essence together until smooth. Add the milk.
3. Put half of the mixture into the tin.
4. Dot teaspoonfuls of jam over the mixture followed by the raspberries.
5. Dollop over the rest of the cake mixture.
6. Bake for 45-50 minutes until golden on top.
Leave to cool
Take out of tin.

Serve. This cake is delicious served whilst still warm! A friend and my husband agree!

Chair Affair


Find out here about my passion for chairs.

My first upholstered chair is completed!  My husband loves it!

Pop-up Pixie pagoda

pop up pagoda

Pop-up pagoda

For the autumnal

Pixie fair,

Prix one rain drop

for a rare night of

phantasmagoric delight.

Trick or dare!

Lanterns flare.

Beware of

The Wixee Lixy’s


Find your inner peace.

I posted this on The legion of door whores site. One beautiful day I came across this beautiful tranquil house, a retreat and home of 'Barefoot Therapies'. I loved the blue door, the Buddha and the wind chimes lulling me into that peaceful place.

I posted this on The legion of door whores site. One beautiful day I came across this beautiful tranquil house, a retreat and home of ‘Barefoot Therapies’. I loved the blue door, the Buddha and the wind chimes lulling me into that peaceful place.

Cobweb Cottage

Cobweb Cottage


Whispering welcoming echoes,

Purple smoke sweeps

Like spectres across

The threshold.

Firelight flickers,

Glowing chintzy cobwebs

Weeping waves

around window panes.

Twisted hazel,

Musty myrtle,

Wise woman’s cozy coven.

Over the last few nights, I have watched the moon grow full. I have been walking in it’s magical light and spooky shadows listening to nature’s snuffles and hoots. Tonight it is full,so I thought this little poem rather appropriate.

Wet wanderings

kimpton cottages

As rain ran in rivers,

Drips glistened from

tree branches like


Steam puffed from


a dragon sleeping


Cats curled up

on plump sofas,

Chinks through chintz,

Wood smoke weaving

Winter whispers.

Cobweb cottage

Higgledy piggledy;

Whiskers wiggling

Titmouse twitching,

A lonely weathered seat,

Perfect for siesta,

Awaits  a

Change in the weather

Every day has been a wet grey day this week;the fields have been soggy and even the dogs have been fed up of getting muddy! For a change I decided to visit a friend and go for a  walk round the quiet old village of Kimpton in Hertfordshire; my photos inspired me to write this poem as did my feelings about that damp,dark day, its smells,sounds and the ghostly cottages by the churchyard on the green.

It’s my birthday today, so how better than to share my village ramble with you!  I also enjoyed coffee and cake this morning and my tranquil yoga class and the day is not yet over!

Festive feast


Festive feast
Peeping lavishly,
Dripping luscious,
Succulent scarlet
Merry amongst
Seek for a wreath,
Woven with holly
To greet revellers,
Jingling reindeer
And tingling fairies.

Snowy owl


Snowy owl,
Amply attired
In luxurious down.
Swoops across
Miles of inky skies:
A winking web
Of shimmering stars
Where shadows shift
Within twisted,
Creaking copses.
Fizzy frost
The forest.
Gently waves
Into the galaxy.
As the broad
Oak moans,
Snowy owl
Returns to
The nook:

Virtuous Verbena


Elegantly elfin like
Sugar pink posies,
Fancy for fairy
Princesses palaces.
Fragrant, finespun,
Flavour of marzipan;
Magnificent minutiae
Of nature’s manuscript.

Dream homestead


Paper white,
Dream homestead,
An invitation of
Freshly laundered linen,
Sweet oiled pine
And a baby soft blanket;
Cosseted by blossom
Laden blooms of
Gently beating hearts.
Windows zealously open,
Bringing in
The serene signature
Of the natural
Healing garden.