Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandonment


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandonment

Grand anchor,
Languishing abandoned,
Sinking in silt and shingle;
Seeping salty tales
Of billowing sails
On crescendo gales.
Breached and reached
Barnacle braille
Tales of whales
And ancient
Sailors’ ways.



Writing challenge: Health

For this challenge we were asked to consider the importance of our health.
My health has its ups and downs and I find writing helps me to focus, feel grounded and connected. I love it!
The photo was taken on our wedding day last year, we had a lovely day with dear relatives and friends. My uncle was at the time and is still in extremely poor health and yet he travelled several hundred miles to be part of our celebration.
Here’s my contribution:


H is for HEALING the mind and spirit, helps to keep a healthy body.
E is for ENERGIZE yourself by practising yoga, tai chi or walking.
A is for ATTITUDE be positive as negative thoughts can lead to illness or slow down recovery.
L is for LEARNING about how to live a healthy, natural life.
T is for TIME should be respected; take time out to enjoy nature, meet with friends or to relax.
H is for HAPPINESS is the key to a healthy life. Find happiness in the simple joys in life.

weekly writing challenge: health.  Here are the others.

Weekly writing challenge: a pinch of you


Spice of Life

Sweet, sultry
Bright, warm
Soul shining
Star anise;
Gentle, nurturing
Energetic, fun-loving
Twirl, sprinkle,
Enjoy enticing aromas,
Ready for your

This week’s writing challenge from the daily post, inspires us to write a recipe about ourselves, which ingredients makes the writer in us ‘cook’ our novels or poetry.  I hope you enjoy mine.

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