Ivy weaves


Ivy weaves glossy leaves

O’er potting shed knots

And rusty locks.

Lingering  on gusty

Limbs and whispering

Wise rings.

The great ancient


Springs  is here, but winter winds bit into my dry lips and reminded me today to protect myself from the elements and keep nourished and warm. We enjoyed exploring the wild woodland and listening to their songs.



Frosty fruity Friday

Frosty Friday
It has been a beautiful frosty day. This morning the tangled fruit bushes and hedgerows looked delicious with their tempting iced crusted leaves and frosted berries. I knew this uniquely magical moment would change so quickly, as the sun melted the frost into droplets tinkling as they rolled from one leaf to another; so I captured the essences holding my breath, not wanting to disturb the moment. My dogs, being used to many a heavy frost when we were living in Edinburgh, rolled about and played, their paws skating on iced puddles.

Cees fun foto challenge:buildings- fairytale cottage

2014-06-29 14.39.43-1_1
I couldn’t resist entering my little fairytale cottage into Cees challenge. I can imagine a higgledy piggledy wibbly wobbly cottage, full of creaks and spooky corners and a welcoming waft of warm gingerbread.

A-Z writing challenge ‘Z’ Zephyr


When zephyrs float by
Like fine cotton blouses,
it’s going to be a good day!
Gentle breezes massaging
The face, ruffling hair.

Zephyrs magically scribble
Spirited messages.
Aeromancy: fanciful
Horses can  bring power,
Seraphins, protection
From sentinels.
Zephyrs blow
Away nightmares
Bringing calm
And happiness.

A-Z Writing challenge ‘Y’ Yen

Even though spring is here,
Yen, tumultuously plays
With my solar plexus.
Floating through fields
Of delicate anemones and
Minute, cobalt blue, speedwell,
I am Yenning to brush past
Confident heads of wild Campions
And daisies,
Resting in the meadow,
Conversing with bees,
Picnicking in a waist
High, impressionist painter’s
Feeling content.


A-Z Writing Challenge ‘X’ Xanadu

Unicorns peep through
Copses adorned with crystals.
Tiptoe on chamomile lawns,
Mesmerized by trickling
Rainbow fountains,
Through stone arches.
Xanadu’s most secret,
enchanted garden.


A-Z Writing challenge letter ‘W’ Wishing Tree


Hidden in the Wishing Tree,
Tokens large and small
Embellish hollows
And nooks.
Adornments, silver bells,
Moonstones and Quartz
Rose scented fairy cakes,
Strings of river pearls,
Patiently hang from
Creaking boughs
Awaiting spring dawn.

As Cuckoos cry,
Dryads fly, dancing
With butterflies.
Nymphs kiss each wish,
Encasing in pearlescent bubbles,
Releasing far away to
The land where wishes
Are fulfilled.

Satisfied,  the Wishing Tree
Shakes, stretches branches
Waiting for new wishes to come.

Make a wish!

A-Z writing challenge, letter ‘V’ Vibrant Festival


Vibrant colourful boats
Shelter together,
Bright kaleidoscopic bunting
Ardent midday sun
Amidst thronging jollity
Intimate marriage takes place.
Their vivacious, flourishing,  shimmering
Robes, reflect passionate vibrancy
Of the festival beyond.

A-Z writing challenge, ‘U’ Undulating experience


Quiet backwater,
Undulates, waiting
For enchanted admirers
Who seek tranquillity.

As dreams unfold,
Nature’s story is told,
Larks chorus,
Wood pigeon’s purr,
Swans drifting
Waiting for waters to stir.
Red Admirals flirt
With nectar rich flaura,
Honey bees
Seek wild Primula.

A-Z Writing challenge, letter ‘T’ Treasure


Roundness, smooth,
Silkiest natural palest
Pebble, greys, browns.

Treasure their free
Affectionate playful natures,
Deep, soulful, sky blue
Eyes, knowing.

Treasure moodiness,
Turbulent swell,
Spitting waves,
Sudden dry saltiness
In the air.
By shimmering,
Laboradite waters.

To treasure
And be treasured is
A calm knowingness.