Snowdrops great a winter scene

Snowdrops appear, greeting a winter scene like Frozen tears,

Warming fears and melting hearts.

Huddled in shady spaces by leaning larches, or under an old oak,

Its bark felted by Sleet and scented snow.

In bitter chocolate puddles, ripples of riddles scribe in dark merle clouds, dragging across the winter sky.

Battered leaves are swept into choreographed spirals.

Sirens call.

Shadows fall ready for the Snowdrop ball.

7 thoughts on “Snowdrops great a winter scene

    • Thank you Kim. I’m so pleased you enjoyed my Post so much. I’m always inspired when I go somewhere quiet with the dogs and walk and notice nature. I was surprised to see the prayer flags. Thanks again. 😊

  1. Fabulous photos.. I always look upon snowdrops as delicate, yet so strong, as they push often through frozen earth to bloom.. Love so many in the wood.. and I can not wait until the bluebells push through too.. Roll on Spring.. While time is flying fast, I am ready for the Sun again.. ❀

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